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Puerto Vallarta Fishing Report June 10th 2018

3.5 Days with Capt Alonso Osuna from Marla’s Sport Fishing and Captain Danny Gomez from Dhamar sport fishing.

  • 8 Cow Tuna from 160-320 lbs
  • 6 rooster fish 20-65 lbs

This trip was taken by the Anglerwear crew and ended with phenomenal results.   Using out MK5011SEa and super seeker rods 2×4 and 3×5 and Magbay circle hooks and flouro carbon!!
The bite it’s on!!!

The trip began with a bang, as soon as we got to the fishing grounds on morning 1 we found the fish.  There were tuna, but they did not want to eat aggressively, it takes so many tricks to get these super cow tuna to feed but we found a way very quickly on our kites to get them on.  Problem was they were big, so we lost a couple and losing a super cow can cut into alot of fishing time, just like catching them.  The average time on a fish for this trip was roughly 1.5 hours, which on 8 fish ends up being alot of time.  This was only the fish we landed with several more coming off after long battles.

Thats the kind of fishing we have down here in PV often year round.  Book your spot today as the fishing is as hot as its ever been.  We are finding tons of big roosters, big snapper, tuna, marlin and more.

giant cow tuna in puerto vallarta
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