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No Tuna No Chinga!

The most exciting Charter Fishing Project in Puerto Vallarta….Ever!

The Osuna Brothers, AKA Marla’s Sportfishing, have been fishing in Puerto Vallarta for over 30 years and have made a name as some of the best fishermen for Cow Tuna and Giant marlin in Puerto Vallarta, and even the world.  True fishermen always surface to the top as it takes many years to build a stellar reputation.  Those who know and understand the Puerto Vallarta and surrounding area fishery not only know of the Osuna’s, but look to them for advice and understanding.

With the recent influx of Long Range San Diego boats and larger 50+ boats to the area in search of Cow tuna, Marlas has decided to take their fishing experience to the next level with the brand-new boat, No Tuna No Chinga.  It is true, that no one understands the waters like a local – this is not just a saying this is a simple fact and is seen anywhere you go in the world.  As a tourist who has visited Cabo 100 times and fished on many boats and caught countless marlin in the local waters, the true knowledge of the fishery does not come even close to the local fisherman who cut his teeth returning in 14ft seas from Gordo Banks and has spent his life on the water.   The point is, that locals will nearly always offer a more satisfying experience provided they are able to offer the same tools, equipment, and technology.

Now, the 50’ Delta acquired by the Osuna – formally El Wahoo Loco out of Magdalena Bay, BCS, MX is undergoing a renovation to inspire.  This Delta Hull is already known as a tank fishing machine with full walk arounds, and all the amenities.  On this site we are going to keep you updated on the progress of perhaps the greatest thing to hit Puerto Vallarta since the filming of Predator the movie….


As you can see, this thing is being REDONE!!  Wait until you see the next set of photos and videos, and then wait until it is done!  You will see perhaps one of the most amazing boats custom to Vallarta ever!

This boat, will be setup as the most authentic, most custom full time Puerto Vallarta fishing machine.  The Osunas only fish Puerto Vallarta, unlike any competition on the larger boats that only “visit” the area a few months a year and have only started visiting over the past 10 years.  This does not compare, or even come close to the knowledge found fishing the area like Danny Osuna has nearly every single day over the past 32 years.

So, we all await the completion of the project turning this amazing hull into a beautiful, 8 bunk, full galley, and more items than I can even begin to mention here for fishing on this post.

The expected completion date of No Tuna No Chinga will be October of 2018 ready to charter.  The rates for this boat are $10,500 for 2.5 days of fishing for up to 6 passengers.  Parties of 7 or even 8 welcome, but preference is 6 passengers for the truly custom big game fishing charter of a lifetime.  6 Passenger parties will have preference in most cases, and the boat will be booked, so start locking in the dates for 2019 today.  We can help with that.

For any questions or concerns regarding the progress please feel free to contact us (hyperlink).  Also keep checking back for updates to the progress of remodel.

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