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Puerto Vallarta Fishing July 2018

A couple of Epic trips at the very end of June to July for 2.5 days, a couple inshores, and another 3.5 day trip ending on the 9th of July. Absolutely wide open fishing here in Puerto Vallarta. Well by wide open we mean strikes, fish on and giant fish on. When targeting cow yellowfin tuna it is not always non stop action, but it has almost seemed to be this past month.

Very few permits are being issued and the fishery is showing the results. Fortunately we are good to go on all boats and all charters.

Between these 2 trips we landed 5 super cows and 3 cows, which is pretty intense. We also had a handful of other species and of course many more strikes and losses.

We did one inshore trip where we slayed some nice Amberjack to 30 lbs, and a large variety of grouper, pargo, and other rock fish.

All in all we could not ask for anything more down here in Puerto Vallarta. The fishing is absolutely Epic, the weather is hot but quite tolerable and just beautiful sunny days with afternoon thundershowers inshore but peaceful sun offshore for us Anglers.

Give us a call if a super cow is one of your target species. We can give perhaps the greatest chance of making it a reality.

See some of the amazing cow tuna fishing pics out of PV this past 3 weeks

pv cow tuna fishing

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