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May 9 – All Pelagic Sportfishing Report

This May has been full of trips, awesome anglers and crazy catches!

We headed out on the Marla II for another epic 2.5 day trip. It was a blast. The weather and water conditions were perfect! We noticed early on that the majority of rigs we had going were getting bit. Immediately knew today was gonna be a great one. We caught a 135lb Super Cow within the first 3 hours, got that big guy on the boat and headed to the next spot, ending the first day with a few more smaller catches.

Day 2 was by far the best! We landed a 320lb Super Cow, our group was thrilled. They already planned the next trip.

Day 3 we caught a 175lb Tuna and a a lot of small game pelagic fish as well. Of course all of our bites were landed on MagBay Circle hooks and Fluorocarbon Leader. These guys know terminal tackle. 

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