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May 23 – 3.5 Day Fishing Charter in Puerto Vallarta with Marlas

Epic 3.5 Day Trip off the coast…


Just finished another EPIC 3.5 day tuna fishing trip! We headed out with Danny Osuna and a few friends. We were very lucky anglers! Day 1 we landed 12 yellowfin tunas (130lbs -195lbs)! We couldn’t believe how well they were biting. However, unfortunately we did loose 6 more. All in all fishing has been very awesome the past few days.

We had quite a few Yellowfin starting to feed on our medium size bait( skipjacks, salamis, and caballitos). We were getting a crazy amount of bites on the helium balloons we had rigged up on day 2 (double caballito).

On day 3 we gave a Yummy flyer rig a try for a while and within minutes we had 3 strikes right away!!!! This time of the year always gives us happy memories. Perfect weather, perfect water conditions and tons of bites. This has definitely been one of the best months to go Tuna Hunting.

We want to send a huge thanks to Magbay Products (especially circle hooks and fluorocarbon) and great equipment!!! We highly recommend a trip out here with the Marlas Sportfishing Crew, so book your trip!


Osuna bro’s


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