El Banco

A Puerto Vallarta Famous Fishing Spot

El Banco is a famous fishing ground outside of Puerto Vallarta. Consisting of a couple peaks (reaching up to 90 ft below the surface), this structure is a great home for skipjack.

Fishing Puerto Vallarta, around the grounds of El Banco, can produce cow tuna, black and blue marlin, sailfish, dorado, pargo, jack crevalle, and other pelagic fish species passing through.

Today, it is a destination that often holds fish, and sometimes, nothing at all. When it does hold fish, it can be a truly amazing experience with nonstop action. Our crew scouts the areas during peak season, so we generally know when the fish are there and plan our trips accordingly.

Killing it off the coast of El Banco
Sportfishing El Banco in April, They are biting!