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August 20th 2018 Fish Report

August has been another epic month for fishing here in Puerto Vallarta with great quantities of Cow Yellowfin Tuna on the offshore trips to Amberjack, Roosterfish, Sailfish, Marlin, and others inshore.  San Juanito is loaded with Cow Tuna, all we can handle on many of these trips – it is truly unbelievable.

Because the report speaks for it self we will just report the most recent numbers of Puerto Vallarta Yellowfin Tuna from the most recent trip:

Giant Cow Yellowfin Tuna

275 lbs, 284 lbs, 288 lbs, then 315 lbs  >>>  The funny story here is that our Angler Chris broke his personal best yellowfin tuna with the 275 lbs Tuna.  Then he got the 284, then the 288, then the next morning was the supercow at 315.  His brother on the same trip got a 203 lbs, a 70lbs, and a 156 lbs tuna.

It was non stop rod bending action for these guys.

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