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Marlas Puerto Vallarta Landing

April 4 Epic Annual Puerto Vallarta Trip

Epic 2.5 annual trip with our good friend Paul Dennis and son Patrick Dennis down in Puerto Vallarta
Get ready to relive the experience!!!

The date arrived and the departure was scheduled at 5 pm, officially the game started!!! A few miles before arriving at the fishing spot, we made a stop to make some live squid, putting 5 candy baits on the bait tank.

Day 1
7 am, We rigged up 2 helium balloons, set up 5 fly lines, 10 minutes later GAME ON!!! Paul Dennis broke the ice landing a 100lbs. We continue seeing fish around the boat, ending the morning with 2 great catches (yellowfin tunas). Around noon the Captain (Scott Osuna) decided to try a different spot in search of the cows, after 30 minutes the action began QUADRUPLE HOOK UP!!!

45 minutes later Paul Dennis put a SUPER COW (331lbs) on the deck. INSANE!!! WELCOME TO THE CLUB!!
Patrick Dennis also broke his personal best with a 275 pounder!

Scottie Jr Landed a 130 pounder as well! celebrating with an ice cold beer, First mate Roberto Osuna rigged up a helium balloon. It was incredible, we could see the fish swimming in the balloons direction. It was a living experience that does not happen every day. We ended up hooking two cows at the same time!


Day 2
We started in the same spot, watching a lot of activity (birds,yellowfin,dolphins and thousands of jack crevalle) unfortunately the jacks did not leave our baits alone and we ended the morning with lots of action but n0 yellowfin. It was time to move so the crew set up (4) MagBay Marauders, getting (1)strike but spits the hook on the run LUCKY FISH!!

We had several opportunities of which we achieved (1)very good fish (160lbs) loosing a few on the run. Undoubtedly another excellent expedition aboard MARLA IV with Cap. Scott Osuna and crew…
Cordial greetings to Dennis family for another story that we will attach to our adventure book.